Our history

Our History

An influence for us

Eduardo genovés

Eduardo Genovés, born in Valencia in 1839, moved to Cádiz in the 1960s, where he initially worked for the firm of Juan Valverde Cubells before opening his own business. Subsequently, he founded a newspaper and joined the Conservative Party, becoming its provincial head. During the reign of Alfonso XII, he was president of the Provincial Council of Cádiz, deputy and senator, receiving numerous awards. As mayor of Cádiz (1891-1892), he reduced the municipal debt, widened the Cathedral Square and regulated the carnival. His most significant achievement was the reform of the Paseo de las Delicias, creating a romantic park that bears his name. He died in 1897 of a heart attack.

A magic place

Parque genovés

The northwestern seafront of Cádiz, a previously undeveloped area due to military restrictions, became a recreational space known as the Paseo del Perejil in the 18th century. In the 19th century, this promenade was expanded and organized with palm and cypress plantings, renaming it Paseo de las Delicias. In 1892, Mayor Eduardo Genovés undertook a major renovation, transforming it into a beautiful romantic garden that today bears his name, Parque Genovés.

The park was designed by the famous gardener Ramón Oliva and included a variety of exotic tree species, a grotto, fountains, sculptures, and a metallic café-theater made by the Eiffel Company.

In the 1940s, an open-air café-theater was added and, in 1956, another theater called the Pemán Theater. Among the numerous sculptures, the sculptural group “Children under the Umbrella” stands out, a work acquired in Paris in 1878 and donated to the park in 1907.

Tennis in the 60's

Real Club de tenis

The Real Sociedad Cádiz Tennis-Club, founded in 1911 by members of the Casino Gaditano, was established in the old nursery of Parque Genovés. It began with two cement courts and a stand, gradually adding a grandstand, changing rooms, a canteen and a dance floor. It soon became a meeting point for the bourgeoisie of Cádiz, despite not having a social building. In 1935, during the Republic, it was renamed Lawn Tennis Club de Cádiz, eliminating “Real” from its name. From 1945 onwards, having recovered its original title, the club underwent a reform and saw an increase in its number of members and in the competitions held. In 2005, the club’s facilities were renovated, including the addition of two paddle courts, a gymnasium, a new members’ lounge and a bar-restaurant, revitalizing its sporting and social activity.